Town Hall Fall 2013 – Playoff results

The playoff participants, in seeding order, were: Colin, Justin, & Shawn in Division A; and John, Greg, & Mike in Division B.

Division A details:
For round 1: Justin chose WOZ, even though the playfield lights weren’t working. He came in second with 25.3 thousand points, Colin won with 54.3 thousand points, and Shawn finished third with 7.3 thousand points.

For round 2: Justin chose AFM, but lost to Shawn’s 585.6 million points with 495.3 million points.

For round 3: Colin chose DW, and beat Shawn’s 285.6 million points with 430.8 million points.

For round 4: Colin chose FH, and beat Justin’s 5.4 million points with 7.9 million points.

For round 5: Colin chose SnS. He came in second with 318.7 thousand points. Justin won with 451.4 thousand points, Shawn finished third with 77.7 thousand points.

Division B details:
(Mike was late enough that we had to change it to a 2-player playoff.)

For round 1: John chose DW, and beat Greg’s 13.6 million points with 330.8 million points.

For round 2: Greg chose SnS, and beat John’s 78.7 thousand points with 149.6 thousand points.

For round 3: John chose WOZ, even though the playfield lights weren’t working, and beat Greg’s 7.5 thousand points with 35.5 thousand points.

For round 4: Greg chose AC/DC, but lost to John’s 10.6 million points with 8.3 million points.

For round 5: John chose FH, and beat Greg’s 1.4 million points with a whopping 19.0 million points.

So, here’s how the league points were distributed:

Division A:
Round #:   1   2   3   4   5   Total
Colin:         4   x   3   3   2   12
Justin:       2   1   x   1   4   8
Shawn:      0   3   1   x   0   4

Shawn got $48 for 3rd place.
Justin got $53 for 2nd place.
Colin got $68 for 1st place. Part of that will go towards getting his name on the shared trophy, which is held onto by the most recent season champion.

Division B:
Round #:   1   2   3   4   5   Total
John L.:     4   1   4   3   4   16
Greg:         0   3   0   1   0   4
Mike:         x   x   x   x   x   x

Mike got $0 for an honorary 3rd place.
Greg got $53 for 2nd place.
John got $68 for 1st place.

Since the Division B playoff was changed to a 2-player playoff, the $40 that was going to be the prize for third place in Division B was split up, and $8 of it was added to each of the other 5 prizes. (So, in each division, the prizes were originally going to be $60 for first place, $45 for second place, & $40 for third place.)

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Upcoming pinball tournaments at Town Hall

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For those of you who aren’t in our Facebook group…

Here’s a good video of the basic WOZ rules v1.08. (I didn’t notice much difference between what’s explained in this video & how the WOZ at Town Hall plays with the v1.21 rules.)

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Club: Autumn Weeks 2 and 3

I got a nice little holiday thanks to the government shutdown. There was a lot of confusion about if were allowed to work or not. We ended up getting furloughed for two days before being authorized to work. I figured it was a great time to take some time off and relax so I was on PTO Tuesday through Friday. Which also meant I didn’t get around to last week’s post. I was too busy watching The Walking Dead. Time for a double update!

For October 1, we had eight players on Attack from Mars, Twilight Zone, World Poker Tour and Doctor Who. And we had some cupcakes since it was Terri’s birthday. Yum! Results are as follows:

  • First Place: The Real Horner (28 points)
  • Second Place: The Lockesmith (23 points)
  • Third Place: Tee Shirt Mike (22 points)
  • Fourth Place: Brenden (17 points)

Congrats goes to Jon Horner for winning the Weekly Championship for October 1. Since it was Sweet T’s birthday, Tee Shirt Mike brought in some Sweet Tea as the prize. I’m assuming that has been consumed by now.

Machine winners for October 1:

  • Attack from Mars: Brenden (5.45 billion), next closest was 5.28 billion
  • Twilight Zone: Jon Horner (131 million), next closest was 82.3 million
  • World Poker Tour: Sweet T (20.2 million), next closest was 15.1 million
  • Doctor Who: Jon Horner (258 million), next closest was 184 million

For October 8, we also had eight people playing on Twilight Zone, AC/DC, World Poker Tour, and Doctor Who. Results are as follows:

  • First Place: The Mayor (23 points)
  • Second Place: McG (22 points)
  • Second Place: Pete (22 points)
  • Second Place: Marc (22 points)

Congrats to The Mayor on winning the Weekly Championship for October 8. The government may be in sequestration, it may be shutdown, but that can never stop The Mayor.

Machine winners for October 8 are as follows:

  • Twilight Zone: Marc (197 million), next closest was 195 million
  • AC/DC: Pete (38.1 million), next closest was 19.5 million
  • World Poker Tour: Pete (29.3 million), next closest was 20.6 million
  • Doctor Who: The Mayor (135 million), next closest was 46.0 million

Cross your fingers that the government opens back up soon and see everyone next week.

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Club: Autumn Week 1

Once again, it has been a very busy week for me trying to get a software release ready for Oct 1. Good news is that it is ready to go. Bad news is that the government shutdown may delay that. Good news is that I can now walk into Town Hall anytime and have some fun playing pinball. Bad news is that I might be working from home which is a lot farther away. Anyway, enough talk about our elected representatives.

Eight players came out for the club meeting last week and battled it out on Attack from Mars, AC/DC, World Poker Tour, and Whirlwind. Roy provided the prize for the night–finger skateboards that were the rage of the 80s. Speaking of the 80s, Roy has me reading a book called “Ready Player One”. If you like to play video games and you lived through the 80s, this is a must read!

Results from the night:

  • First Place: The Lockesmith (26 points)
  • Second Place: The Mayor (24 points)
  • Second Place: Marc (24 points)
  • Fourth Place: McG (18 points)

Congrats goes out to The Lockesmith for winning the first Weekly Championship of the season! Don’t get hurt on the half-pipe with those skateboards.

Machine winners for the night:

  • Attack From Mars: The Mayor (6.72 billion), next closest was 3.10 billion
  • AC/DC: The Mayor (28.2 million), next closest was 18.1 million
  • World Poker Tour: DAG (28.1 million), next closest was 20.9 million
  • Whirlwind: The Lockesmith (9.05 million), next closest was 3.78 million

Normally I say to see you all next week. This time I’ll say, see you all tomorrow!

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Club: Extra Week

The Autumn Season starts next week, but that didn’t stop us from playing some pinball this week. The extra week is not quite as fun as getting an extra ball, but it is still special. It looks like the seasons aligned well as it is now dark in the mornings and it is starting to get a little chilly outside. The prize for the week was $30,000. Not exactly, but a chance to win that amount with a scratch off card that benefits the Maryland Stadium Authority.

Nine people came out to play and we decided to run it like a normal club night instead of having a split-flipper match. We played on Attack from Mars, AC/DC, Doctor Who, and Whirlwind. Results are as follows:

  • First Place: McG (30 points)
  • Second Place: Mark (28 points)
  • Third Place: DAG (23 points)
  • Fourth Place: Molly (20 points)

Congrats to McG for winning the virtual Weekly Championship! It isn’t a real Weekly Championship, but virtual ones are just as good. Unfortunately, I did not win the $30,000–maybe next time. And congrats goes out to Molly for her first showing in the top four.

Machine winners for the night:

  • Attack from Mars: DAG (4.4 billion), next closest was 1.9 billion
  • AC/DC: McG (48 million), next closest was 27.4 million
  • Doctor Who: Mark (206 million), next closest was 147 million
  • Whirlwind: McG (6.2 million), next closest was 3.3 million

The Hall of Fame page will probably be updated sometime this weekend along with the 2014 schedule. Stay tuned!

Last Tuesday was Shawn’s birthday. Make sure to make him feel like an old man the next time you see him.

The Lockesmith would also like to remind people that the FSPA league starts with week zero tonight.

The Club Autumn Season starts next week and runs for ten weeks. The week of Thanksgiving will be an “extra” week with week ten on December 3 and the Seasonal Tournament on December 10. There will then be a two week holiday break with Winter 2014 starting January 4.

See everyone next week and enjoy the lovely weather while it is still around.

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Club: Summer Seasonal Tournament

All seven games were played by all eleven participants in the end of Summer Club Seasonal Tournament. The festivities included pin golf scoring, a third place one game playoff on Attack from Mars, a Winner takes the swearing monkey prize between the winner of club season Vs. the winner of the tournament, some questionable dance moves from the Mayor, and some great prizes including some awesome homemade bumper boxes (thank you Roy!). Target Scores for the night were derived from a complex mathematical formula consisting of making it up as we go along. Most players had not played the pin golf scoring method before. If a player hits the target score on ball one they get one point. Hit the target score ball two and its two points. Ball three is three points and if you don’t hit the target score you get 4 points. Target scores for the night were as follows:

  • Attack from Mars: 1 billion
  • Twilight Zone: 60 million
  • AC/DC: 11 million
  • World Poker Tour: 8.5 million
  • Doctor Who: 18.5 million
  • Whirlwind: 1.8 million
  • FunHouse: 2 million

It should come as no surprise that a player with previous PinGolf experience ended up triumphant with an impressive 10 points scored over 7 games. Justin Bath was the Town Hall PinGolf tournament winner. Pete took second with 15 points and Shawn and Eric tied for 3rd place with 16 points. Club season champ Lockesmith squared off against tournament champ Justin on FunHouse for the talking swearing monkey prize with Justin ending up on top.

It was an easy breezy night with fun had by all. Another successful season, another successful tournament.

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FSPA – Fall 2013 – Call for players

Week 0 at Town Hall will be Thursday, September 19ᵗʰ, at 8:30, and we will continue with week 1 on Thursday, September 26ᵗʰ.

The only holiday that comes up during the season is Thanksgiving, on November 28ᵗʰ. So, we’ll skip that week, and continue with week 10 on December 5ᵗʰ.

If you can’t make it to week 0, but intend on playing this season, please let me know, so I can prepare the week 1 scoresheets in advance.

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Club: Summer Week 10

Three seasons of the club have come and gone. Time really flies as it seems like we just started the club a few weeks ago. We are up to 34 club meetings so far with many more to go. I would like to thank everyone for coming out and having a great time playing pinball. Once again, a big thanks goes out to The Real Horner for keeping the machines working and in great shape. Now is the time for any suggestions before we start up the Autumn season. Feel free to share any ideas that you have to the mailing list.

Eleven people were at the Hall this week playing Whirlwind, Doctor Who, AC/DC, and the Twilight Zone. For prizes, Roy brought in a a cup with a crazy straw that wraps around the side and Sweet T brought in a Pac-Man candy container and a Doctor Who pen (or pencil, I cannot remember). Results for the night are as follows:

  • First Place: Francis (37 points)
  • Second Place: Shawn (32 points)
  • Third Place: Roy (28 points)
  • Fourth Place: Eric (26 points)

Congrats to Francis for winning the Weekly Championship! He selected the Pac-Man candy container. Just watch out for Blinky, because he is the fastest and smartest ghost out there. Shawn was awarded the crazy straw cup. I expect to see nice cold beverage in that cup at some point.

Machine winners for the night:

  • Whirlwind: Shawn (5.01 million), next closest was 2.51 million
  • Doctor Who: Shawn (84.4 million), next closest was 50.6 million
  • AC/DC: Roy (27.9 million), next closest was 27.1 million
  • Twilight Zone: Francis (146 million), next closest was 132 million

Shawn was awarded the TARDIS for his win on Doctor Who. Maybe I’ll get a TARDIS one of these days. It would be fun to be a time lord.

Finals for the season are below. Remember, only the best eight weeks count.

  • First Place: The Lockesmith (248 points)
  • Second Place: The Mayor (219 points)
  • Third Place: McG (214 points)
  • Fourth Place: Pete, aka Mario (203 points)
  • Fifth Place: Shawn (199 points)

Congrats to the Lockesmith for winning the Seasonal Championship! That is a hat trick as he was won it three seasons in a row and has started a dynasty. He will be receiving the ultra-rare hat prize for that accomplishment. Now, I just have to find a hat.

Five places are listed as I will be on TDY in Pasadena, CA next week and will be unable to attend the Seasonal Tournament. That bumps Shawn into the Kings group. The Mayor will be running the event, so make sure to check in with him when you arrive.

Everyone is invited for the tournament next week and one of the prizes will be “Mikey, The Mother F**kin’ Monkey”. You don’t want to miss out on that opportunity! This time, the winner of the Kings group and the winner of the Queens group will face off in a final for the top prize. Since we have a slush week this time around, if time gets too short, the final can occur the week after. For the slush week, I was thinking that we should have a split-flipper night for fun.

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Club: Summer Week 9

I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend! The highlight of my weekend was having a delicious cheesesteak in the city of brotherly love. It was another busy week before the holiday but the update is out just in time for club tomorrow.

Twelve people attended the club meeting last week to play Whirlwind, Doctor Who, FunHouse, and Attack from Mars. The prize of the night was provided by Roy–a small but bright pocket flashlight with a Try Me button on the packaging. Results from the night are as follows:

  • First Place: Mark (42 points)
  • Second Place: Francis (39 points)
  • Third Place: Lockesmith (32 points)
  • Fourth Place: Eric (31 points)

Congrats to Mark for winning the Weekly Championship! That prize could be very useful for lighting up that dark corner in the Hall.

Machine winners for the night:

  • Whirlwind: Eric (5.14 million), next closest was 3.85 million
  • Doctor Who: Mark (158 million), next closest was 39 million
  • FunHouse: Lockesmith (17.3 million), next closest was 16.5 million
  • Attack From Mars: Francis (4.48 billion), next closest was 4.19 billion

Remember that the standings only include each player’s best eight weeks. After week nine, the standings are:

  • First Place: Lockesmith (248 points)
  • Second Place: McG (210 points)
  • Third Place: Pete (203 points)
  • Fourth Place: The Mayor (195 points)

One more week to secure that top score for a machine! The current high scores for the season:

  • Whirlwind: Eric (5.14 million)
  • Doctor Who: Pete (367 million)
  • World Poker Tour: Pete (63.5 million)
  • Twilight Zone: LJ (393 million)
  • FunHouse: Lockesmith (21.7 million)
  • Attack From Mars: Lockesmith (6.18 billion)
  • AC/DC: Lockesmith (60.0 million)

Twilight Zone only has two plays at the moment and will not be considered unless it gets picked this week. Of course, we could make it an automatic pick for everyone to have a chance to take down that score.

Tomorrow is week ten and the seasonal tournament will be the week after. See everyone then!

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